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Life as Art.
February 17th, 2009

"Everything has been figured out, except how to live"
Jean-Paul Sartre -- French philosopher

When I write I’m composing a symphony of my world, its layers of frequencies interacting with the last person I talked to, my clients, someone special on my mind, or the whole universe. The list of possibilities are exceptionally diverse and Life is like a masterpiece that you write with your desires and dreams. Being a theorist and a catalyst I’m naturally excited by the next thing or new idea because I know I have a journey to unlock that takes me sometimes by storm, surprise or shock.  I’m thinking that this is becoming a condition for all of us because of this economic downturn.  In my case, change is my raison d’etre and it is reflected in the way I live and the jousting I get from others as a symbol of the transitoriness of all existence.  So, I have gained insights and learned wisdom about going into that void of change and dealing with the vissitudes that come with it.  Consequently, the ride through hell is worth its hard-earned reward for creating a life you really like better.  Having an existence that makes fonder memories over many moons  and its phases is both an old romantic notion and the belief behind the “pursuit of happiness.

This year my mood is peripatetic and everyone else is in the same boat because the universal year is a 29/11 (search for home).  A 29/11  type of person for example is someone who walks their talk, is an idealist who strives for the best in life, and will really experience the bumps of life as well as the elixir of travel and change.  They are the walking philosophers of life speaking their minds as they daily interact in a world community.  President Obama’s reality# is 29/11 which means he belongs to this tribe of itinerent minds.

And this year I also feel like wandering even though the economy has depressed me and affected my mobility; the way my chimerical spirit responds to cataclysmic events is — to change my life inside-out.  Most everyone happens to be in the same slump too and their lives are having to transform into something that’s both workable and meaningful. My personal year is a 27/9 (artistic completion) and that means endings and new horizons and I’m going on a walkabout until I’ve found my place.

When you paint your masterpiece you record the world as you’ve seen it and remake it the way you want it to be like.  I feel like I’m at both ends of an axis, not polarized, just balancing my world like a dervish, whirling around in order to experience Divinity.  It’s become a beautiful trance and I’m excited about this earthly walkabout to find puzzle pieces and great connections to completing a longtime dream I have of writing my ideas down for a book while searching for answers to the modern conundrum of “home.”  Timing is everything as they say and I’ll be leaving in a 31/4 (mythmaker) month, so remember this old adage:  If you want to make the gods laugh, tell them your plans.   I have no serious plans!  Bon Voyage tout le monde.

“omens from a flight of birds”
January 19th, 2009

"People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of power."
Bill Clinton -- 42nd President of the United States

Latin:  inaugurare.  in - to    augare  - consecrate by augury

Tomorrow we will all wake up and all of our lives will change in a broad sweeping direction, whether we’re Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans, etc.  Tomorrow is a historically significant transition of presidential power and its impact will resonate around the world. Tomorrow  We become One not just as a nation but as a world player.

On January 20, 2009 the United States of America will no longer be the lone-wolf player of the past eight years.  Instead as the first African-American president is sworn in Tuesday our place in the world community will make a major shift towards international brotherhood with much less emphasis on its superpower grip. 1/20/2009 = 59/5 means goodwill ambassador.

Set-dates are harbingers of fate.  Inaugural dates are no exception; they carry the vibration of the historical implications for that day in time.  Timing is everything even for administrations.  Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural was on March 4, 1861  —  3/4/1861 = 23/5 (changing realities).  Lincoln’s first term was the beginning of the end of America as it had known itself in the past.  Obama’s first term’s 59/5 vibration is about freedom of mental space and that means letting go of dogmatic beliefs and believing in good causes for the sake of sharing each other’s great accomplishments together.  Being each other’s good angel is the purpose of this administration.  It is about service, volunteerism, and compassion for the less fortunate and those advantaged yet unaware folk too.  Lincoln’s second term began on 3/4/1885 = 27/9 (completion of a dream) which it lived to see a new kind of justice in our land.  Our next inauguration in four years on 1/20/2013 = 27/9 (completion of a dream) is the same vibe as Lincoln’s second was.  This resonates well for accomplishing a 59/5 vision. However, just whoever becomes president then will be the one to see it through to completion. The risk of course  is that Obama’s policies’ intentions could be subverted by another president’s theories or they could well be implemented as they were originally envisioned.  This vision of a new world order needs a leader and a hero worthy of this herculean task.

Just because a date means something doesn’t mean it will get done.  George W. Bush’s first inauguration was on January 20, 2001 = 24/6 (psychic vision).  With the conservative idealogues in office they had this opportunity (psychic gift) to create a technological universe and they proceeded to manifest it to paranoid heights and ignore the consequences.  His second inauguration on January 20, 2005 = 28/1 (financial responsibility) left George W. Bush still in a cloud showing a profound lack of leadership and insight into the cause and effect of his admininstration’s fear-based actions.  Their short-sighted economic views squeezed out creative new money markets which were ready to bloom.  Thankfully, now is a good time to realize how these mistakes were made and get past that insanity.  We need to move forward with this new administration and hopefully they will play along in sync with this planet’s frequencies and use its opportunities to go about making the world a better place to live in and still be in.

The Future is unwritten.
November 16th, 2008

"An act of faith: To view the end as a beginning."
Fortune Cookie

But we are writing it now! An FBI scribe by the code name Hopscotch 35/8 (instinctive wanderer) has intuited the future and given the President-elect, his family and his Vice-President-elect plus his wife intriquing code names for the secret service agents to use. Who says a name is just a name?! The power of a name is dramatic, foretelling, and magnetic. Thus these monikers are very revealing because of just that — they will be used over and over to identify these actors in the plot line of our country’s future.

Well, bless Hopscotch’s clever wit and optimism because their names are very smart identities vibrationally. Barack Obama’s Renegade shows a 77/5 (shamanic energy) that has a strength with fresh ideas, new movements, and financial markets. Michelle Obama’s Renaissance resonates her strength 36/9 (transcendent thinker) with an analytical mind and a passion for practical approachs to solving problems. Joe Biden’s is Celtic 5/11/7 (electrical vision) which comes across as both dreamy and astute (works very well in the background). His wife Jill’s is Capri 11/11 (inspirational model) — a teacher she already is; and this lucky charm combo suggests too a charming goodwill messenger.

Barack Obama is to be the 44th (institutional reform) President of the United States which represents a position in time and the kind of energy field he has to work with 44/8 (divining order and rules). To make his plans work he definitely needs a 8 (material achievement) year term. If he then also became the 45th (bold enterpriser) president — what he begins in 4 (planning) years then will come to fruition. If hope is the belief that we can change the rules and rewrite the future then we have been blessed with a new president who can do that. Yes, we can.

The Great Divorce
November 3rd, 2008

"When you pray, move your feet."
old proverb

"Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse."
Adlai Stevenson -- U. S. Senator

Are we at the foothills of heaven….or is the bus still rambling along? In C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce “grey town” is the metaphor for hell where old ideas, older traditions, and ancient fears plague ghosts who have difficulty giving up the past when it is over. They take a bus out of grey town (hell) and stop at a spot that looks like the foothills of paradise (heaven). The ghosts even with the sponsorship of benevolent souls are hard-pressed trying to decide whether staying in heaven (something new) is better in the long haul than the easier (more familiar) path back to hell.

With this presidential election we are all on this bus - having to make the most important and cataclysmic decision this electorate has had to face in its memory. The two presidential candidates are both impressive characters with stirring personal histories desiring to lead and shape the destiny of America; of course with America’s dwindling reputation in the world reshaping is truer. Which candidate can bring about that course of change? And who instead is likelier to take us back on the road to grey town? Which one then of these candidates has the real courage and stamina for creating an idealogical platform that will create the change that will be our salvation?

During these tumultuous times a leader needs an anchor; the Vice Presidential candidate plays a serious role because of the critical tests ahead. The combination of the V.P. and the Presidential candidates’ personalities shows what they have to prove to the American Public. The combination of McCain and Palin’s personalities 17/8 (original ideas) shows a need to sell their 26/8 (caretaker) approach as genuine and trustworthy. The Obama/Biden personality combo is 22/8 (economic mastery) and it requires a commanding believability 30/3 (master persuasion). The electorate must then decide which ticket is actually acting as an effective team together in getting its message across to the people.

John McCain is the sleeper candidate — this past year and next 25/7 (secrets & dreams) influences his subconscious; his administration would be run by others while he is either ill or idle and being the cheerleader 3 (communication) personal year. This year Barack Obama’s timing coincides with his personal destiny 29/11 (beautiful vision). If he becomes president his vibe for next year shows he is ready to implement it — 17/8 (original concepts). To carry his message he will probably do a great deal of traveling especially abroad 5 (adventure) personal year. Their ages also play an important part in how they handle opportunities and challenges. McCain’s ages will be 73, 74, 75, 76. These are vibes that are a reflection on past accomplishments. Obama’s 48, 49, 50, 51 — are vibrations echoing a pioneer’s determination.

Character is the barometer of the will. John McCain’s reality # 56/11 (comfortable existence) likes the ambience of nature and the security of wealth 62/8 (earth mother) . He needs to keep everything legal. Barack Obama’s reality # 29/11 (idealistic beauty) seeks a home without conflict and likes the challenge of its creative process 34/7 (risk taker). He actually thrives on re-invention. Their temperments are miles apart. How they react to the pressures of this high office is telling of whether they will be successful or not. McCain’s temperment is flighty, cultured, and tends toward hysteria 7/5 (opportunist). Obama’s reveals an especially atuned sensitivity that could rely on micromanaging 0/2 (telepathic).

When you vote remember this: “The burdens of this office are such as to humble any man into prayer.” And you have to ask yourself: who has the weaker character? Who has the actual integrity and endurance? And who has the best ideas to put forward to serve you as your president in these tumultuous times. Either you’re on the bus or you’re off. The primary carried us over the past year to this crucial spot, a powerful decision, and we must decide now.

Veepism or Heepism
September 10th, 2008

"We are so very 'umble."
Uriah Heep (in David Cooperfield)

"If you come close to the truth, there are consequences."
Dorthea Lange (depression era photographer)

The Vice Presidential drama has become a street fight over turf and street cred. The USA “hood” has become the club of the haves and have nots. Acting just like an ol’ girl herself Sarah Palin has decried the ol’ boys’ club (the entrenched establishment) and dismissed the credentials of a seasoned Vet in the Senate. Senator Joe Biden (her opponent) meanwhile is behaving sheepishly after her slinging insults. Here we have a suave, kind man of experience versus a hillbilly scrapper from the boondocks. How to make sense out of a situation where this new kid’s stinging rhetoric can actually stun a warhorse with a sound record of achievement? Is there a path of reason to go down?

Sarah Palin has made it her mission to lambast the Democrats by making them look like their stand is actually the current administration’s problems. She has put the line in the sand by using zinging put-downs. A smart trick that works with the weak but are we so weak? Who is she? We really ought to be asking that a lot because Biden is not a regular ol’ boy. Who is the master here and who is the student in this debate for the White House? Who has the real street cred?

Veepism stands for the qualities of experience, intelligence, knowledge, and integrity that qualify a candidate for high office. Heepism is a slick veneer that is used to appear prepared for higher places because of so-called “humbleness.” Charles Dickens created the treacherous character Uriah Heep (heepism) to remind his readers that operators use a humble front. So logically, a person aspiring to the second highest office in the United States should have at least these important traits: Excellent Character, Even Temperment, and Vast Knowledge of the world.

Here is the show down:

Sarah Palin has a 71/8 (isolationist) Character, a 0/7 (cultured, high-strung) Temperment, and 44/8 (conservative institutions) Knowledge.

Joe Biden’s is a 13.1/5 (motivational leader) Character, 5/4 (thinks fast) Temperment, and 55/1 (revolutionary) Knowledge.

You can be the judge of their character, temperment, and knowledge. Which would be the best person to be just a heart-beat away from the presidency. Who will be a positive guiding influence towards a kinder, gentler America? Who represents what America needs? I will make this comment: Ironically, these two vice-presidential candidates’ gender’s do not have a traditional interpretion or influence upon their outlooks. Joe Biden’s vibes reflect a true feminist at heart; while Sarah Palin’s chart shows her to be more like a good ol’ boy. Think carefully before you vote because if you want to see a change for the better in the United States and the world one of them just might one day become the “leader of the free world.”

The Philosophy of Love
August 14th, 2008

"To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life."
Balinese healer

"Ay me! for aught that I could ever read,
Could ever hear by tale or history,
The course of true love never did run smooth...
William Shakespeare

A content Irish spinster once said to me: “Why make one man miserable when you can make so many happy.” — I got her drift. I didn’t get it though when Carla Bruni, the famous groupie stated: “I’m monongamous from time to to time, but I prefer polygamy and polyandry.” It sounded inconsistent and actually unromantic. Love is a crazy absolute that runs on time with ebbs and flows just like the undulating sea reminds us; and it’s rhythms are passionate swells and sweet lulls — neither dull nor still or purposeless. Bruni’s love philosophy was doomed to extinction because it lacked that sine qua non — purpose. Fortunately, Carla now says she was JUST being mischievious and she has fallen in love with French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Nothing is more romantic than the term “coup de foudre.” The literal translation is “struck by lightening” and it means idiomatically “to fall in love at first sight.” That knee-buckling recognition between lovers is like a fairy-tale come true and it inspires the most passionate declarations and idealistic intentions. Sarkozy and Bruni were struck-dumb like Bottom and Titania at a dinner party and married 3 months later. The President and Ms. Bruni tied the knot on February 2, 2008 at 11am in Paris.

Picking a wedding date is very telling of the type of marriage it will be. Timing tells us DESTINY. Good time or bad? Right for them? Or mixed blessings. The answer is all three. 2.2.2008 = 14/5 (building a new form). As a private couple it suits them, they’re meant to change their times. Publicly it might embarrass them, unless they’re willing to be discreet about their private life. Internationally, it puts this pair on the map which might benefit France’s self-image. There is an internal power struggle within the relationship and outwardly a contemporary-style marriage of equals. Liberte, Equalite, Fraternite — France has now gotten a new feminist Marianne to represent  liberty from their President’s beautiful and very modern wife.

Ready on Day One
July 12th, 2008

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
Mohathma Gandi

Something happened this primary that was like two siblings bickering: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who both had very similar beliefs but different stances clashed personally. Clinton one-upped her bro by pronouncing she would be the candidate who was truly ready on DAY ONE because of her previous White House experience. Barack fought back, he was better suited he intonated because he had the guts to make THE better decisions from day one. Who was right, or I should say more right?

What separates them are their motives. Obama’s desires are driven by ideals and spiritual evolution. He’s a 97/7 (healing knowledge). Clinton’s ambitions are saved by her compassionate sense of responsibility for the underpriviledged. She’s a 96/6 (social conscience). Clearly, they were at odds in their approaches. In numbers, it’s called being “at sixes and sevens” with each other. So close, but miles apart philosophically. A six wants structure and stability and is a comforter. A seven needs specialists surrounding them and is a visionary. What does the country need Now? To see the kind of change that must come about takes more than a great political player, it takes vision.

The totem DAY ONE means a new beginning. Our names like totems denote who we become. Barack is a visionary with extraordinary leadership skills. Hillary’s a doer and skillful legistlator. These two belong in separate houses: Barack the White House, and Hillary in the Senate. Barack’s passion in life is to lead and Hillary’s mission is to protect. Although the differences between them seem subtle they are huge. What this country lacks right now is a moral compass and what it needs right now is great leadership. For a new beginning (on Day One) we will need a pragmatic idealist. At this juncture of the contest a feminist idealogue (Clinton) has lost; next up — can an old dog maverick (McCain) outsmart the new guru of politics (Obama)? Will there be after all this a new world order? Stay tuned.

Zen of Being
April 26th, 2008

(S)he has traveled. (S)he rests. -- Ulysses

James Joyce

I have been gone a long time from here on an odyssey. After giving up an attractive urban apartment because of noise and air pollution, I roomed in various acquaintance’s homes. This 6 month sojourn exposed old monsters from my past and pushed them out of my life. After this unfriendly catharsis my quest was much stronger, I began charting my journey to a new homeland. . . .I decided to leave Portland, Oregon and go south.

How do you decide on somewhere with little travel experience? I used the tools of astrocartography, consulted Chinese masters, leaned on my feng shui knowledge, and I CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS. If you know who you are the numbers are very helpful in figuring out a new location. The personalities of places besides their magnetic fields heavily influence one’s sense of well-being. Numbers will reveal the character of that place you’ve been dreaming of.

I’m in a new place, everything is new new new but I feel unusually comfortable anyway. I love the sunshine, the musical ambiance of the sea, and the warm hospitality around me. I followed my dreams and moved to a California beach town — Carpinteria. The vibe of Carpinteria helps me evolve while Portland’s 37/1 (political discourse) was a continuous karmic challenge. Carpinteria is a place I know I will heal in.

I picked the Santa Barbara area and the universe found me a delightful studio here. Santa Barbara and Carpinteria both have a wonderful vibe 35/8 (fiery healing traveler) in their names. Carpinteria, though, is restful and and not as restless as Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara wants to play more 30/3 (bountiful pleasure) — while Carpinteria 25/7 (hidden knowledge) explores desires. Sleeping, eating well, and enjoying life are all I can ask for right now, just like the sweet Italian expression….il bel far niente,I’m loving the “art of doing nothing” in a place where my dreams are fomenting.

Angel on horseback
January 25th, 2008

"This is an unimaginable tragedy. Heath was a true artist, a deeply sensitive man, an explorer, gifted and wise beyond his years. There is no finer person on this earth."
Todd Haynes

He rode life with wings. Heath Ledger’s death comes as a shocking ending to a promising future. After we’ve witnessed the beauty of his artistry through a myriad of difficult film acting roles it is especially jarring. He was a complex human being whose time on earth was not wasted with falseness and frugality. His biggest role in this life was to show us all through his integrity and courage to do what we believe in and be a good person.

He was the power behind the director. He inspired authenticity. Born April 4, 197934/7 (risk-taker) he was both angelic and daredevil. His challenge to himself 42/6 (social acceptance) was impatience and pleasing. However, he was an important link in many lives because he exuded such a healthy optimism 35/8 (fiery love nature) for adventure; it was also his achilles heel.

He also loved psychological puzzles which probably heightened the stakes of anything he did. Still he left us going onto a greater adventure. The full moon that night and the fact it was a 24/6 (astral travel) day was a surprisingly apt time to end this chapter of his spirit.

He led a very full life and taught us all a lot. As his family poignantly put it: “We have loved each other beyond imagination.” Even though some lives are shorter than others we must live fully while we can. Death is not always so sad if the real-life experience has been more than we could ever have dreamed of.

Thank you Heath for showing up and being finer than fine and being a link to Truth.

happiness runs***happiness runs
January 12th, 2008

"Having a fulfilling meaningful life and being happy doesn't have to do with what we have. It has to do with how we live our lives."
Thayer Willis

"I want my kids to realize it's only through hard work that any success or real joy comes. It's not about money, it's the intangible rewards -- having integrity and doing what you say you're going to do."
Halle Berry

Does a New Year’s resolution ever work?*

The Dalia Lama said the purpose of Life is to be happy. Happiness is every human being’s birthright. Yet our lives are influenced by mysterious universal forces that affect our ideas of perfect happiness. Take the meaning of this new year 2008 (diplomacy, economic balance, and making it work with what one’s got) it adds up to restructuring the spending of time and use of resources. How will it affect your current state of mind?

We live in a wealthy society where satisfaction remains ephemeral because of insatiable desires and instant gratification. Some would say happiness is fleeting but I would disagree with them. Personally, I think it is a state of mind that both stimulates our thoughts and comforts our souls if we let it. “Happiness runs in a circular motion…” is just like Donovan’s melody wraping around a state of bliss. Keeping busy doing the things one loves brings contentment.

The problem we actually have is sensing where inspiration comes from that drives us forward. To make an appropriate New Year’s resolution it helps to know one’s personal year number to set the flow on a happy course. For example: Halle Berry’s birthdate: August 14, 1966. Her personal year number is 50/23/5 (gate to wisdom, new visions, exploration); in otherwords a watershed year.

Halle is expecting her first child — this should create a whole new progam in her life’s purpose. With her historic sense of timing the notion of marriage, motherhood, and career are open to new editing. She can create a new partnership tradition; she might further explore her creative clout in Hollywood, and motherhood will rearrange priorities. Patience in all her relationships is a must and savvy negotiating of her talents are essential to prevent backsliding into old habits…while she merrily explores her new horizons. In this dizzying state she should be the life of the party! Next year, quiet time.

*answer: a resolution works if you want it very much and apply yourself to following it. In otherwords, you work for happiness.