In Touch

Their frequencies....their radios....were tuned in together. (DeNiro & Scorcese collaboration)
Edward Norton

"Genius is the unmistakable quality of a pattern."
Martha Graham

"You follow the things that you can't resist and you go where you go. That's falling in love."
Johnny Borrell


express yourself, design your life, recreate your world.

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SERVICES (readings recorded)


Basic A numerology chart explains your best fit in life and how you vibrate with others. Included are life lessons; destiny; self-expression; opportunities; talents; and current influences. $100 hr.

Reality # – Your birthdate reveals your passion and who’s your tribe. This is a shorter reading which gets you started on your path. $50 ½ hr.

Destiny – Takes the basic chart a twist further. A past-life reading combined with a study of your creative process for this lifetime. $100 hr.


Life Patterns – Analysis of an entire life’s behavior patterns, possibilites, and current trends. $100 hr.

Yearly Timing –- A month to month and weekly report. $250 2 hr. written $500


Name Changes – Changing your name recreates your image. It won’t change who you really are but it will change your luck. Up to five names considered. $150 1 hr.

Business Branding – Getting the right attention going the right direction brings the best results. Protect your future with this knowledge. Up to five names considered. $150 1 hr.


Address Analysis – The vibratory influence of a domicile, business or home, affects the success and contentment of it’s inhabitats. Up to five addresses checked against owner’s chart for a compatible match.       $150 1 hr.


Children’s Charts – Children’s charts show a child’s specialness and purpose. It can save heartache and develop a keener appreciation of each child’s uniqueness and their gifts. These readings are expressly for the development between one and eighteen. $100 1 hr.

Baby Shower Gifts — A genial personality profile. $50 gift certificate ½ hr.

Ages 12 - 21 – Limited to the development years between 12-21, with a description of their life purpose. This is a private reading with the child or accompanied by an adult. $100 1 hr.

Adoption Issues – (a specialty of mine) This requires studying the basic chart several ways because there is usually a name confusion or name change. $150 1 hr.

Family Genealogy – Ever wonder what your ancestors were like and what dysfunctional patterns get handed down? There is a vibratory connection in family names that is telling of our heritage as social units in the world. This is a deep study cross-analyzing at least two charts (yours and the relative or ancestor) at a time.$150 1 ½ hr. (packages available)


Compatibility Charts – Shows similar goals; points of irritation; sexual chemistry; lessons to be learned; and the purpose that brought you together. $200 1 ½ hr.

Business Paradigms:

Business Charts – The company name, it’s incorporation date, the headquarters’s address, the founder’s chart, the employee’s birthdates, the timing chart etc. can answer the question of success or failure. $150 hourly. (packages also)


Intro Numerlogy – A simple introduction with what you need to get started. $25 1 ½ hr.

Numerology Made Easy – The solid basics for analyzing anyone or thing. $75 4 hr.

Interpreting Patterns – Life & Personality patterns.(basics first) 2days – 5 hrs. ea. $150


PartiesBirthdates reveal your happy path in life and are just right for parties. $100 hr.

Talks – Groups can learn how numbers affect everyone through current events’ examples. $150 hr.

Computer Readings:

A Sweet Deal – Numerologist’s Matthew Goodwin’s interpretations. Individual, Yearly Reports, and Relationships. $9.95 (1) $14.95 (2) $18.95 (3) $21.95 (4) $23.95 (5) $24.95 (6)

Create Your Own Consultation:

Your Choice – Choose a radical topic like your diet, the stock market, your pet’s habits, a character you’re writing a story about, the job you’re not sure about, or any kind of issue that just needs more exploring. $100 per hr. $50 ½ hr.

Other Extras:

Gift Certificates – any kind available.

Client Referrals – Refer a new client to me and get an extra 10% off your next reading.

Package Discount – (use within a year) Two readings or more 20% off. Five readings or more 30% off. (except computer charts)



I don’t do just readings because my experience is so extensive that my level is more respectively a consultation. We can delve into issues that are biting your butt or plan ways to develop your dreams. Solutions are to be found in the variations and combinations of your vibrations. There is a way out and an answer for everyone. Everyone has an important gift and purpose for being her

*All phone appointments are prepaid to reserve a time. There is an automatic 24 hr. cancellation fee. All sessions are recorded.